Caring for a child with disabilities is a lifelong commitment for most families. A child with special needs will eventually become an adult with special needs. Most district transition programs will only service individuals up until the age of 22. We are here to support those individuals and their families. In addition, we offer our services to all young adults who need specialized consulting.

Person-Centered Planning:

We are committed to providing our clients with individually-focused assistance. Person-centered plans highlight the needs, likes, dislikes, goals and overall desired quality of life of the individual. It can be used as a framework for the family, professionals, and other individuals who will support the individual. The Person-centered planning process consists of;
Initial consultation Pre-plan meeting, Assessment, Person-centered planning session.


“ We will stay with our clients every step of the way” After making the person-centered plan, we can advocate for our clients by going to visit potential sites, schools, housing options, and etc. to ensure that they will be a good fit. We will also assist with placements and application processes. We will service other advocacy needs upon request of the client and/or the family.

 Community Integration:

We are aware of how difficult it can be for adults with disabilities to become active members of their community and maintain social relationships. We can connect our clients to social groups, activities, and community projects that they can access. We can provide these resources on a continuous basis.

Family Resources/Resources:

We have access to resources that will support the families of our clients. These resources include support groups, conferences, legal changes, and other topics. Parents are encouraged to consult with us often regarding the client and we welcome questions and concerns.