Services and programs available include: Learning centers for job skills, employment resources, career goals creation , creation of personal portfolios, resumes, cover Letters and job application support, job search, work experience and on-the-job training, , transportation options, employment rights and self-advocacy.


Independent living assistance and information, assisted living assistance and information, life skills training, independent living training, transition programs, residential programs, group homes, foster care, caregiver resources, budget assistance.


Post-secondary programs, educational services, tutoring, college courses and enrichment programs in private and public settings, high school credits, support on community college campuses, internships, workshops.

Volunteer Opportunities

Internships, local community service, walks, fund raisers, charity events, outreach activities.

Behavior Intervention

Supported living, self-care and daily living skills, verbal behavior and social skills. in- home intervention based on ABA strategies, support groups for young Adults and for families.

Community Resources/
Community Integration

Social groups, social outings, social skills development workshops, social events, dating workshops, dating events, social media, community happenings, social discounts and accommodations, disability friendly places and activities.