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Paola Diora and Candyce Bruce are two professionals with extensive experience working with young adults with special needs. Both, have taught at special day programs and transition programs. They have been exposed to a plethora of resources that are available to adults with special needs. While working together, they realized that there is a lack of long-term plannining and connections between clients and their families to vendors and support that is disposable to them. This is especially true for those adults that have exceeded the age limit for most school district services. This is why they are dedicated to supporting their clients every step of the way!
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Candyce Bruce has been working in the field of education since 2004. She graduated from the California State University Dominguez Hills with a B.A. in English: Language and Linguistics and Psychology. She then took a position as a resource assistant in a special day Kindergarten class for LAUSD. She then proceeded to teach 6th grade for a private school in Los Angeles. There, she developed a deeper passion for education and working with students with learning differences. After 2 years, Candyce Bruce took a position at The Help Group, a non-profit agency devoted to educating students with developmental disabilities, mostly on the Autism spectrum. She started as a behavior specialist/ instructional aid. While there, she quickly learned and advanced within the field of special education. Candyce became a substitute teacher for The Help Group and, ultimately, became a life coach and instructor for the transition program. Eager to advance within the field, Candyce Bruce attended Grand Canyon University where she earned a Masters of Education in Special Education and Arizona teaching credentials. In addition to her experience and formal schooling, Candyce Bruce has training in behavior management, such as ABA practices and conflict resolution, and is a certified Self-Determination independent facilitator.
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Paola Diora has worked in the education field for the past 20 years. She started as a Resource Specialist/ Teacher Assistant, but soon became interested in working with children with disabilities. After a few years as a Special Education Teacher’s Assistant, she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology from California State University Los Angeles. Since 2001, Paola Diora has worked with severely multi-handicapped children, children and young adults with autism, students with emotional disturbance, learning disabilities and other developmental disabilities. While working toward her credentials and Master of Arts in special education, she worked as a transition supervisor for The Help Group, a nonprofit organization serving children and young adults with autism. Her role as transition supervisor, included job site training,  life coaching, career counselor and also teaching independent living skills, vocational skills, social skills, community based instruction, daily living skills such as preparing meals, budgeting, grooming and self-care. Paola Diora holds a Certificate in Autism and has been attending continuing education trainings in autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, severe behavior disorders, Applied Behavior Analysis and PRT (PivotalResponse Training).