Fundraiser for Jewels for Families Incorporated

Candyce Bruce and Paola Diora are two veteran special education teachers who have founded Jewels for Families, a non-profit organization with the purpose of opening a Sensory Room. Children with autism, intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities, brain injury, sensory processing disorders and sensory overload can benefit from a multi-sensory environment.

A multisensory environment is a place of relaxation that helps reduce anxiety and tension. The room comprises of materials created to stimulate or soothe the senses through lights, sounds, touch and smell. Bubble tubes, fiber optics, tactile panels and projectors stimulate and calm the child’s sensory needs. Multi-sensory rooms are used around the world: Canada,Russia, China, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa.

Can you believe that a city like Los Angeles doesn’t have a sensory room yet?
100 percent of your donations will go toward the multi-sensory room. The money will be used to pay for the equipment and the installation. We are a 501(c)(3) entity so your donation is tax deductible. Thank for your support!
Jewels for Life Consulting Services is dedicated to helping and empowering young adults with disabilities. Our individually-focused approach aims to increase self-determination and improve independence. We offer a variety of services tailored to meet the clients’ needs and interests while offering support and assistance to their family. We are specialized in Person- Centered Planning and Advocacy, Family Assistance/Support and Community Integration.

Our practice includes:

  • Initial consultation
  • Individual assessments
  • Connections to transitional resources
  • Specialized support for families

Jewels for Life is committed to supporting their clients every step of the way. Our services can be requested jointly, or on an individual basis.

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