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ToBo is the hot new mobile application that takes the hassle out of behavior modification!!

Token economies are a scientifically-proven to be a highly effective method of behavior intervention. They are used to extinguish undesired behaviors, reward desired behaviors and enhance self-regulation and independence.

Sounds great, right?

The truth is, token boards can be costly and time consuming. As an educator/professional, you may find yourself creating several token boards for various students/clients. Token boards must be individualized for optimal results.

ToBo places all of the benefits of a customized token board right at you finger tips, without all of the hard work! Save money on ink, paper, lamination and Velcro! Most of all save time!!!!

  • With ToBo, users are able to do the following:
    • Select from various language options
    • Select the desired amount of tokens to be earned
    • Select token from a token bank or upload their own images
    • Select rewards from a reward image bank or upload their own
    • Customize timer/interval settings
    • Customize the reward screen
    ToBo is a great tool for parents, caregivers, families, teachers, therapists, physicians, and any individual that is faced with the task of modifying behavior.